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Walked into Wawa (a convenience store)  a short while ago to pick up a quick lunch and head back to my office to see therapy clients. A  dark haired woman with a name tag that read Eli, who appeared to be in her 30’s greeted all customers with a massive smile and speaking what might seem like small talk. What it really was, was an infusion of light into what for some, might have felt like a dismal day. A few of the people walked away smiling and the others who weren’t must have been immune to her charms. I felt sad for them since it feels good to get loved on, even if by a stranger. When I got to her register, she commented on the flowing black and white vest that ‘followed me home,’ as do many pretty items that I sometimes can’t resist. She asked where I got it and I shared that I had purchased it on sale at Cold Water Creek many years ago. wash and wear, cool, multi use, all season wear. When I wear it, I feel graceful. She laughingly informed me that she shopped at thrift stores and we agreed that they are wonderful places to find fun bargains. I offered to her that clearly she is a woman who enjoys her job. Her answer was, “It is a great company and I am in great company,”  as she motioned to me and the line of other customers who waited to be affirmed by her, even if that wasn’t why they (or so they  thought) were doing.  As I moved on out the door, she gave me a parting gift of the words, “Enjoy your day, my friend.”  Even though I had not laid eyes on her before, I felt as if she was indeed a friend.

How much time and effort does it take to acknowlege another person? To bear witness to their place in the world  and presence in your life, even if but for a fleeting moment, is a gift to that one. We are so busy with our heads hovering over our phones, our eyes missing human contact. So isolated at times, it is as if we are alone on the planet. We wonder if there is anyone else who sees the world as we do. We question the nature of existence. I wonder how Eli feels when she gets out of bed in the morning and returns at night. My guess is that she awakens rocket-feuled for the day as she spreads her angelic wings.

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