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A month or so ago, I was introduced to a world changing peaceful force of two. Mother and son team of Jannirose and Charlie Fenimore came to my awareness via my friend Cindy Greb. Charlie is a young man with special gifts to share and they are wrapped in an easy to love package; simplicity and innocence that radiates from the heart of someone born with Down syndrome. The verbiage comes in the form of prayer poems that carry with them a sense of hope that despite appearances, everything will be alright.

I asked to interview them and when Jannirose posed some of the questions to Charlie, he responded with this message. This State of the Union is particularly timely when darkness seems to overshadow illumination.

“We have a lightful future for all of us and healing life is everything for Nations of God. We can hold the light in everything we live because we must make understanding of ourselves. This is just the beginning of a life connecting with our God to shine in our days and nights.

We are feeling in our hearts right now and forgiveness is our hope. We can heal our strength for the emptiness of minds with hearts to be strong to our brightest eyes. We must make healing for us to live with our clearest thoughts. We are the angel beings of Earth.

We have been connected with our Divine wings for the light of self. We are compassion and together for life. We know all this truth of ourselves to remember. This is our joyful in the healing sun of light. We are one forever with our God of the hopeful. Our Divine love connect our lives to the planet of our future of peaceful life.

When we fear inside, we are forgetting our joyness with people. This is our truthful hope of God with forgiveness to hearts around this living light. We can shine our love for healing to our inner eyes in spirit.

Living hope is the key to our spiritness and our mistakes are healed with truth and light. We can open ourselves to the God of freedom and light. Hopefulness with our hearts, our souls, and our holiness means being free.

This is our lightful kingdom with our shining spirits. We can love with our joyness and forgiveness and happiness. We will just love everybody with our feeling hearts. We must go to the pain with lightful love to feel our fear and bring the light inside to heal in heaven’s home.”

Charlie Fenimore, 11/11/2016

Charlie and Jannirose have co-authored two books. Happy In Soul ~A Very Special Prayer for Peace and Loving Outside the Lines~ Lessons from an Earth Angel.



Although the world may seem an overwhelming and frightening place for many, Charlie seems at home in it wherever he goes. Seated in a sense of certainty that all is well, his message encourages me, when my doubting mind takes over:

“For us on this planet, life is about loving.

The sun of truthful lightness is our living hope.
Spiritness is kindness. Everyone must make this understanding.
Sometimes we forget our life of soul in heaven with God around us.
Life is bright when we change the darkness to joyful in our hearts.
Love is the power of Godness on our planet for me and you.
It is time for living truth in love to our smiling souls for human hope.
Our spiritness of graceful loving will help the world live.”


Charlie is indeed an angel~


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