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Just finished reading my friend Kristina Robb-Dover’s recent column called Trump in Jesus’ Name: The Tragedy for Christian Public Witness. I was deeply moved by her profession of faith combined with her solid stand for those who have reason to fear following the election. She courageously called out those whose cognitive dissonance about the tragically un-Christlike attitudes professed by the president elect, had them casting votes for him.

Would that I be as brave. I am embarressed to admit that in my writing here on Beliefnet and other venues, I was far more circumspect and cautious, not wanting to offend those whose opinions differed from my own. The closest I came was when I alluded to being a gracefully aging hippie which might have people easily determine my political beliefs.

One of the paradigms about which I have been amply aware, is that if I am to be a conscious journalist, I need to speak my truth, without being dogmatic or attempting to persuade readers to see life through my lenses. We each have our perspective based on our upbringing and the ways we interpret our world.

I make a decision each day to take steps, based not just to serve my personal interest, but how what I do will impact the next seven generations, as is what guides Native American traditions. If I respond to disagreement with hatred, then I am feeding the derision and division to which I object. If I answer hateful rhetoric with love, I am assisting with the healing of the planet I so desire. I acknowlege that in the midst of the whirlwind of the election process and shortly afterward, I de-friended a few hard core people on Facebook. It felt kinder to my soul and help me to sustain (or regain) my sanity. I do feel more peaceful and less reactive since then.

I called people out, asking those who voted for him, to prove that they were indeed not using him as a role model for their own actions. If they were not themselves, racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic, then I encouraged them to show up, stand up and speak up for those without a voice or those fearful of using it. There have been many incidents observed in which people have been threatened. According to an article in USA Today, hate crimes rose to a level above that which was reported following 9/11. Over 200 were logged in the days following the election.

When I consider what violence is being done in the name of the president-elect, I shudder. When I delve even deeper to discover that it is being justified with a religious zealotry which surpasses that, I cringe.

Who would Jesus (who was a Jewish, liberal, working class immigrant) hate, grope, disprespect, threaten to deport, assault, discriminate against? It amazes me that some people who call themselves Christians do those things in his name. When folks use the bible to justify their hatred, I want to ask them if they have a selective view of what the New Testament calls on them to do. Do they keep kosher, refrain from shaving, mix fabrics in their clothing, have tattoos? The Jesus I know, would not want bigotry of any type to be done in his name. He would likely stand with those who are being persecuted.

These song lyrics portray the sheer force of love and light that have the capacity to change the world for the better.

Not With My Jesus 

by John Flynn

The preacher looked down from the pulpit and cried
We hold the keys to the kingdom my friends
When others sin it’s for us to decide
It is our duty to judge and condemn
Then one timid soul made a very brave choice
And from the back of the church came a voice

Not with my Jesus you don’t!
A teenage girl said I am sorry but I…
know that pure love welcomes us when we die
You tell some people it won’t
Not with my Jesus you don’t!

The Mullah said Yes the great Satan defiles
the land of the prophet, may his name be blessed
And so we pray that the infidel dies
in jihad which we unleash on the West”
Then one timid soul made a very brave choice
And from the back of the mosque came a voice

Not with my Allah you don’t!
One old man cried from his mat on the floor
It is the great God of love I adore
You say to kill but I won’t
Not with my Allah you don’t!

Not with my Allah!
Not with my Yahweh!
Ha-Shem, Brahma, or Vishnu
What in the name of all that is holy
have we been letting men do?

The Great Spirit looks down upon the blue sphere
As many invoke its holiest names
to spread intolerance hatred and fear
And to those people the Spirit exclaims
You know that I have been patient with you
but I see your hearts and the damage you’d do

Not with my children… Please don’t!
I gave you each other to care for and love
But this world ignores God’s plea from above
Perhaps if we speak out it won’t … Say
Not with God’s children you don’t!

© 2003 Flying Stone Music


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