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When someone enters our lives, we are not always clear about the purpose or the path we will take as we share it with them. Parenting is one such journey that is undertaken with the desire to guide and teach a child as they grow into adulthood. What happens when the parent accepts that the young one is also a teacher and guide whose open heart and innocence expands her own view of how life can be?  In the case of mother and son Jannirose and Charlie Fenimore, they are shining examples of how that intention can blossom beautifully.

This two person force for good in the world came together when Jannirose and her husband George adopted Charlie who was born with Down Syndrome. His perspective is viewed through the lens of love. When he expresses his prayer-poems, people are astounded by the simple wisdom his words impart. Jannirose  is a healer, who, along with Charlie,  is part of James Twyman’s Beloved Community.

I had the opportunity to connect with them in the past month, via a mutual friend named Cindy Greb who moved from PA to CA this year. I had been following some of Jannirose’s posts on Facebook and was astounded by the extraordinarily wise words that emerged through Charlie, so I felt moved to reach out. I believe in Divine timing, as does Jannirose, which I discovered in a Thanksgiving Eve telephone conversation, so  the cosmically coincidental intersection was no surprise to either of us.

Jannirose refers to her wise son as an ‘earth angel’ who came with a special purpose. The two of them share his messages via Facebook on his page called Lessons from an earth angel and via his website.

They have co-authored two books, Happy In Soul ~A Very Special Prayer for Peace and Loving Outside the Lines~ Lessons from an Earth Angel. The first is a collection of Charlie’s prayer-poems and the second is Jannirose’s perspective on her son and his profound expression of the good medicine that this ailing world needs in order to heal.

I will be writing a series of articles about this mother-son team whose mission is in alignment with what many spiritual teachers have shared over the eons. One, which is still in the works, is an interview with the two of them. She has shared with me that whenever she asks Charlie some of the questions related to concepts I was interested in getting his unique take on, he offers something different than I would have anticipated. One reason is that Charlie doesn’t have the frame of reference that those with a different chromosomal makeup than he, might experience. The other might just be that the questions open the door to answers that people need to hear at this pivotal time in history.

Here is something Charlie shared last week. May it inspire you as it does me.


We can feel the hope for our living all together with one peaceful life.

We can feel our hearts in the light of shining love to let the darkness go.

We can feel of our feelings and our strength and hope to be healed with light.

We can feel our spirits being from the place of divine graceful.

We can feel our hearts to be lightful for the holiness of love.

We can feel forgiveness for every person to remember our happiness inside.

We can feel connected to Earth and heaven and life for the deepest freedom.

We can heal with Spirit to change our world with the light of courage.

We can heal our hearts and clear the tiredness of all minds with the Godness.

We can heal the people from the sun of loving joy.

We can heal our spirits to the shining home of wonderness.

We can heal ourselves with our God of the brightest lightful way.

We can heal for communicating with heartness to shine forgiving spirits.

We can heal with light to help free our souls from the human nature.

This is our time to be healed with sharing love.

This is our world from the healing place in the divine body of God’s people.

This is our planet of hope to be true of our grateful life.

This is our faith with our good selves in our beautiful human family.

This is our hope for all the people who are hurting.

This is our truth to healing the spirits with love to this kingdom of light.

This is our freedom of graceful brightness around our connection with hope.

Charlie Fenimore, 11/17/16



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