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A curious being, I question nearly everything. It’s been so since I was a toddler who asked, “What’s that?” as I pointed to an object of fascination. I explored (and still do) the world with wide eyed wonder. I heard a story several years ago when I was at a conference and the speaker told us that her first memory of a spiritual experience was when she was three years old, looked in a mirror and asked, “Who’s in there?” I’m not sure we can ever fully answer that query, but the adventure of a lifetime is to stay open to all possibilities.

Most of the inquiries I ponder have to do with what makes me and everyone else on the planet tick. Probably one reason I became a therapist. Even after more than 30 years in the field, I still scratch my head in bewilderment.

One of the questions I ask has to do with my beliefs.

  • I believe that people are inherently good, loving and hold positive intention.
  • I believe that the seeds I plant grow a bountiful harvest.
  • I believe that actions speak louder than words.
  • I believe what goes around comes.
  • I believe that each person and experience can teach me something.
  • I believe that love is louder….than fear, anger, hatred and violence.
  • I believe (despite appearances at times) that the Highest Good prevails.
  • I believe in making wishes out loud.
  • I believe in being a Force for Good in the world.
  • I believe we all have a gift to offer.
  • I believe that love need not be earned.
  • I believe that putting my heart and soul into something is essential for success.
  • I believe that music is sonic sustenance.
  • I believe in do-overs.
  • I believe touch heals.
  • I believe that all emotions are valid.
  • I believe there is more to this world than we can perceive with our eyes.
  • I believe in loyalty and standing by people I love.
  • I believe in speaking up for those who have lost their voice or had it taken away.
  • I believe that there is no excuse for abuse….ever.
  • I believe that patterns can be broken.
  • I believe that there is enough for everyone, if we share willingly.
  • I believe in forgiveness.
  • I believe in redemption.
  • I believe in reconciliation.
  • I believe in keeping my heart open.
  • I believe in willingness to give it another go.
  • I believe in walking my talk and being in integrity.
  • I believe that people come into our lives when they are meant to.
  • I believe I am always at the right place at the right time.
  • I believe in making a difference.
  • I believe in cosmic coincidence.
  • I believe in speaking from the heart.
  • I believe dreams come true.
  • I believe in telling people how I feel about them, not assuming they know.
  • I believe in hugs and cuddles to feed skin hunger; which is as important as caloric nourishment.
  • I believe that loneliness can be remedied.
  • I believe that words have the power to heal or harm.
  • I believe in dancing and singing my dreams into being.
  • I believe that ANYTHING is possible.
  • I believe in YOU.

What do you believe?

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