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When Spirit speaks, I listen with open ears, mind and heart. I accepted an invitation to be in the presence of a deeply healing teacher from India named Sri Karunamayi,whose honorary title is Amma; which means ‘mother’ in her native language of Telugu. Her parents were told, even before she was born, that she would be an extraordinary being whose abilities would touch many. After spending years in meditation as a young woman, she emerged and began speaking and offering blessings.

She comes to the United States yearly and I had the opportunity to see her initially 10-12 years ago and then most recently, yesterday. I was eager to be in her presence again and absorb the sweet energy, as well as receive a blessing from her. We were asked to write on a note card what it was we wanted blessed. I affirmed my deep desire for a loving, committed relationship with someone with whom I would do my work in the world.

When I arrived before 11 am at a local Unitarian church which hosted the gathering which attracted hundreds throughout the day, there were already many waiting to see her. On the aforementioned index card was a letter. Mine had the letter F on it, which meant that it would likely be hours before I would stand before her. In the meantime, I sat and meditated, listened to her story and about the humanitarian work she does. She spoke of karma and the good fruits we receive in return for what we do. She shared her desire to alleviate human suffering and the importance of exuding compassion.

The sanctuary of the church was filled to overflow with some (myself included) sitting on the floor. Incense wafted through the air and the sounds of chanting reverberated throughout. A large comfortable chair in torquise brocade was the place she sat for hours, greeting those who came to be in her presence. Rose petals were scattered on the carpet and a garland of greenery with white flowers was draped behind the dais.

Her interfaith sensibilities embrace everyone’s traditions. “God is Oneness only,” she expressed. She asked us each to pick up a flag representing various countries and hold them aloft as we chanted Om Shanti, which represents peace. The flag I had was from Cyprus; certainly a place on the planet that needs love and healing.

During the time I was waiting, I decided that when I left, I would satisfy my craving for Indian food. I didn’t need to wait that long, since when I walked into the lobby, an Indian buffet had been set up and we were all invited to partake. Talk about instantaneous manifestation!

A few hours later, my group was called up to stand before her. By the time I got up there, she had likely blessed hundreds of people. I felt my heart flutter and tears form and I knew something powerful was happening. She took the card from my right hand, read it and then closed her eyes as she stroked my head. She blessed my intention and handed it back to me, along with three Hershey kisses, a card with her picture on it and three blessings on the back, as well as a baggie of vibhuti (sacred ash) which was to applied to the various chakras and on the tip of the tongue to assist in sealing in the blessing.

By the time I left the building, I knew something miraculous had transpired. I am ready for heart’s desires to come to fruition.  Om Shanti.


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