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This morning, I awoke with a sense that today was going to be scattered with sweetness and fueled by miracle power. I had a breakthrough dream in the wee hours that shook loose some long standing limitations and fears. It contained imagery that was both humorous and alarming. Being an experienced lucid dreamer, I knew it was getting my attention and calling me to take charge of the choices I am making.

I was able to go back to sleep, fortunately, since the nocturnal turning into bird chirping morning would have had me only netting four hours of shut eye. By the time I arose, it was after 10. I have rarely seen that number on the clock while still horizontal (unless in the company of another).

While typing these words, I am listening to a song, called Wake Me Up in which a primary lyric is “I tried carrying the weight of the world, but I only have two hands.”  For so many years, that could have been my theme. These days, I share the responsibility with others, rather than believing it was my job alone to do so. That lightens my load immeasurably. The wake up calls come daily. Sometimes gently whispering and beckoning, and at others, with rattle me to my core, knock me on my butt, gotta move now, woman ferocity! I much prefer the first.

Today, I am heading  out to celebrate a friend’s birthday at an outdoor arts festival at which one of my favorite cultural events from my 20’s called The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will be highlighted. I spent countless hours at the TLA (Theater of the Living Arts) on South Street in Philadelphia, garbed in costume, calling out the lines to the iconic movie, doing The Time Warp and living the line, “Don’t dream it. Be it.” Looking forward to drinking in the juicy activities. Tonight, I will be at a dance party with friends, at which I will ‘sweat my prayers,’ which is what I sometimes call fitness activities.

What if, just what if…today was the one in which your dreams and desires came to fruition? How would you enter into it? Would you allow doubts and fears to rule, or would you shoo them away in favor of what you truly want to show up?  Last week, on a group coaching call, the facilitator told us that we needed to “know like you know like you know,” that what we were calling in, would actually arrive. Could today really be the best day of your life…so far?

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