There comes a time in our lives when we are called to face certain truths — that life unfolds at its own pace and not only as we would wish it to. For 56 years, I have danced the line between believing that hard work and diligence would bring all that I want and knowing that I have no control over the ultimate outcome. Frustrating and comforting all at once. As I look back, I have seen that an element of both are so. Gotta put my backbone where my wishbone is and gotta be flexible enough to bend with the winds of change as they blow through.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a musician who lives that truth as he steps out in trust every day. Nimesh ‘Nimo’ Patel was living the high life of a Wharton grad, Wall Street professional turned MTV rapper and hip hop artist until his soul spoke to him and guided him to move to India where he lives in the Gandhi Ashram and  teaches children in impoverished physical conditions. On a world tour to share his CD called Empty Hands which is available to download for free, he expresses that we come into the world empty handed and leave it empty handed and it is what we do in the interceding years that makes a difference. Nimo does indeed make a difference with how he lives. He spoke and performed at an interfaith community to which I belong, called Circle of Miracles.

The music is profound, bone deep truthful, that reinforced what I know to be so …. that love and gratitude are the most powerful forces on the planet.  One song in particular spoke to the lessons I have learned about cultivating. It is called Planting Seeds and was written by New Thought musician Daniel Nahmod.

A sampling of the lyrics:

“… but the roots are always growin’ no matter if I’m there or never around…whatever grows will grow, whatever dies will die, whatever works will work, whatever flies will fly, whatever fails will fail, what’s meant to soar will soar, I am planting seeds, nothing more.” 

“It’s like your whole life you’ve been training for this moment 
And when the time comes you just disown it,
Meaning you just surrender don’t control it…”

“But now we’re learning when we let it go, it overflows 
With no credit to take cuz no credit is owned.”

“…but the real gold is joy, when life starts to flow
And when it does, you just smile, cuz now you know!” 

I have gotten caught up in wanting to rush the growth, desiring for it happen at my pace, rather than by God’s grace. It is when I surrender the outcome, and just know that is unfolding in Divine timing, that the fruit is even sweeter. Plenty to share.

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