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Lately I’ve been letting emotions flow, and along with them, have come insights that had lay dormant for years.  This session was overseen by Debra/Deva Troy ‘s teacher Lynn Diehl  for the sixth of ten Facial Reflex Therapy visits. This modality was created by Lone Sorensen  for the purpose of working with the body’s systems from the singular location of the face. She has incorporated aspects of healing from the world ’round.

Wanting to validate her assessment of my needs and the treatment in which we were engaged, Deva had invited Lynn to join us. What she observed was that I was experiencing issues with adrenals, the endocrine system, the GI system, as well as the lung and kidney meridians. It made total sense to me as they connect with my waxing and waning energy levels, inconsistent sleep patterns, taking in life, processing grief and dealing with physical and emotional inflammation. As I am coming clean with my feelings and thoughts in every aspect of my life, I feel assisted by this process which is opening doors that I thought I had bolted shut. The sometimes uncomfortable symptomology and the accompanying emotional manifestation are well worth it, since they are part of the healing process.

During this session, as was so with all of the others, I felt absorbed by the table and profoundly relaxed as evidenced by my snoring, which the two of them laughingly confirmed when I arose. I also noticed that familiar sensation of my arms seeming weighted down, unable to move. Afterward, I felt as if I had take a refreshing power nap.

Since beginning the work with Deva, I have noticed two consistent changes; the return of hormonal hot flashes that I hadn’t experienced in years, which are connected to entering my seasoned woman- cronehood, juxtaposed with a more youthful appearance. Deva noted that the heretofore dark circles under my eyes are diminishing without benefit of anti-aging potions.  As I look in the mirror, I observe a woman who is facing life in ways she would not have had the courage to do before and liking what she sees.



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