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Jason Byasse is, like myself, a John Wesley Fellow, part of the ever growing network of orthodox Methodists who are concerned with church renewal, church growth, missions, and in general the revitalization of the church.  Here is an interesting story […]

One of the battle cries of the Reformation, responding to, among other things, all sorts of Catholic traditions which are not seen as Scriptural in character, was ‘sola Scriptura’— Scripture alone.  It was often coupled with sola gratia and sola […]

Robert Duvall is probably the best male American actor ofhis generation. He has a long list of great movies and TV specials, so it ishard to pick just ten from his massive oeuvre, but here we go.   1)      TheApostle— […]

It is the oldest proper city in the Northeast. It is also the most European of cities in America.  It still has its very old school ethnic neighborhoods, not least of which is Charlestown with its Irish Catholic population.  My […]

Nemesis, from which we get the transliterated English word, was the Greek god of vengeance, especially exercised about taking action when human beings had been arrogant or hubristic or rude towards the gods.  In fact the name comes from the […]

              I remember reading Ayn Rand a very long time ago. A lonely immigrant from Russia, whose real name was Alisa Rosenbaum,  her books, particularly Atlas Shrugged but also The Fountainhead, and The Virtue of Selfishness  touted not merely […]