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BRAIN FOOD   I’ve got a genuine replica brain, It’s a collectible rendition, I grant it’s not the latest model, But it’s in good condition.   It still processes data pretty well Though there are some memory lapses It distinguishes …Read More

On the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous ‘I have a Dream’ speech, somewhere between 300,000 and 600,000 people showed up for a rally at the Lincoln Memorial featuring speeches by Glenn Beck (a Mormon) and Sarah Palin (some sort …Read More

Leighton Ford is an old Charlotte friend of mine, and was formerly Billy Graham’s right hand man in the Billy Graham Association.  I find what he says in this post both sensible, sane, and well worth reflection.  BW3 Jesus and …Read More

  There is no unmoved Mover Who set the stars a-spin And crawled back into heaven Never seen again.   There is no old Watchmaker Who wound all things up tight And then retreated quietly Removed from thought or sight. …Read More

My book Jesus and Money is being picked up as a textbook this Fall, including at Greenville College in Ill. where I will be giving the Convocation Address this week.  Here is the text of the address. JESUS AND MONEY …Read More

For some weeks now, there have been a lot of protests and prayers being offered in the capital of Poland, and the center of attention and controversy is a large wooden cross and a former President who is both revered …Read More

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less traveled by…..” “Walking down a country road” “The highway to Hell” The road to nowhere. Shoreline drive. The roundabout way to get there. Tunnel vision. “The long …Read More

Despite repeated denials,  there are still many conservative persons, including many conservative Christians who think the President of the United States is a Muslim.  One can only imagine that his recent remarks about the proposed mosque in N.Y. near ground …Read More