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In a small art theater in the Carlton district of Melbourne, here in Australia, I was taken to see this classy period piece telling a small bit of the story of Orson Welles (the man who famously read War of …Read More

The cult of the dead, and the honoring of the dead was of huge importance in all of the Biblical world, including in the Greco-Roman portion of that world.  People spent huge sums of money to be buried in prominent …Read More

That’s Levent Oral,  my tour company owner friend from Izmir with me.

When Christians began in the fourth century to go on pilgrimages to Jerusalem and the Holy Land, if they were coming from Italy, Greece, Turkey or anywhere west of Israel, they tended to come most of the way by boat. …Read More

At the end of our time in Turkey, my friend Levent Oral arranged for us to do a boat trip around the south coast of Turkey, stopping here and there to see some ruins on several islands and a couple …Read More