So you areseriously stranded on a desert island for 30 days, but the good news is, whileit does not have internet or cellphone connectability, what it does have is oneway time travel ability rather like the island in LOST.  You, by manipulating the rockster machine canimport your favorite bands to play for you for a day.  So who would you choose?  You are only allowed to choose one or the otherof the paired items below and only one per day. And is there a band you wouldwant to here last before you are rescued and brought back to the rather sadpost-rock era of the 21rst century? Herein you can learn something about your own ancient fav raves.   Choose away, and then I will offer anotherpost based on your reported choices, and what they tell you about you.  



1)     Beatles or Rolling Stones

2)     Led Zepplin or the Who

3)     Eagles or Crosby,Stills, and Nash

4)     Cat Stevens or James Taylor

5)     Janis Joplin or Grace Slick and the JeffersonAirplane

6)     Mammas and the Poppas or the Association

7)     The Doors or the Kinks

8)     Jim Hendrix or Eric Clapton

9)     Traffic or Genesis

10)  PinkFloyd or Foreigner

11)  JoniMitchell or Judy Collins

12)  BloodSweat and Tears or Chicago

13)  TheByrds or Poco

14)  Kansas or  Boston

15)  Aerosmithor Kiss

16)  BillyJoel or Elton John

17)  Halland Oates or Phil Collins

18)  BruceSpringsteen or Bob Dylan

19)  Stingor the Police

20)  Totoor Cream

21)  Donovanor Dan Fogelberg

22)  Logginsand Messina orKenny Loggins

23)  Journeyor Heart

24)  TheMoody Blues or Yes

25)  FleetwoodMac or  Three Dog Night

26) U2 or  Steve Winwood

27)  Cream or Iron Butterfly

28)   ZZ Top or Lynard Skynard

29) Emerson, Lake and Palmer or  Steely Dan

30) Rickie Lee Jones or Howard Jones

Make your choices, post a response, and I’ll give you the analysis in a further post.


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