To be specific

An attraction

Sometimes fatal


The gravity

Of depravity

Is seldom seen

In time.


The Gravity

Of an occasion

Spreads solemnity

Silently, surreptitiously.


Like love

Gravity is invisible

But undeniable

As the attraction’s too obvious.


The Hebrews called it glory

By which they meant heavy

Weighty, profound

And asked–Who is the king of glory

Who is that weighty one?





To be succinct

Was right

Though his tower

Leaned left.

And he dropped the ball


Without Gravity

Our planet

Would not even orbit

Around the sizzling sun


On the moon

Things are less ‘grave’

Less mass

Less weight.


And in space

Weight has no place

In zero gravity

There’s no obesity!


I haven’t the energy

To calculate

Mass times

Speed of light squared.


But if I did

I’d round it off

Easy as pi


And convert my own mass

Into something less critical.


For its gravity

That makes my stomach sag,

And my jowls hang

And my arches fall

And my dunks duds.


Gravity is a downer

For what goes up…


I guess they call it a ‘grave’

When they lay you in the ground

Because then, finally

Gravity’s really got you down.


Thank goodness God

And not gravity

Gets the last word

Weighing in, on us.


Nov. 1, 2009



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