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Word to the wise to the editor of the Economist—- Jesus’ name is not Brazil, even in Portugese 🙂 BW3

THE BONDING     A cold and listless season, And full of cheerless cheer, When hopes are raised and dashed again And joy dissolves in tears.   The search for endless family The search for one true Friend Leaves questers …Read More

The annual national meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature met this year in New Orleans last weekend, which I have to confess I would be glad to meet in every single year. The French, Cajun, and Creole food is …Read More

You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of memorable football movies there are out there in which there is actually some decent acting and a good plot.  When you add the requirement of it being a …Read More

Wise and Sagacious Vistas: The Past and Future of a Sapiential Reading of Matthew—                            My earliest memories of serious study of the Gospel of Matthew come from my time in college at UNC.  There was this book …Read More

You can see some squirrely things in this world.  But this one is right up there.  Can you hear the conversation at the local barbershop between Bubba and Ernest? “I’ll bet you a buck you can’t ride down the street …Read More

The story of Tony Alamo is bound, someday, to be made into a movie.  It’s so bizarre, so improbable, so full of incident and crime and sin that it makes some soap operas look clean!   The horrifyingly saddest part of …Read More

Jim Carrey has already grinched his way through a previous Christmas, and now he gets to see if he can top that by Scrooging his way through this one.  I went to see this movie in 3D and one has …Read More

You may well have missed this one.  It’s a small book, pocket sized, and though it says a novel on the cover, its really a novella– 177 pages even with gracious spacing. You can easily read it in a day, …Read More

Last summer the movies went to the dogs. Fortunately for the movie industry, most Americans love dogs. There have been some dogs this fall in the theater as well, and one kind of movie most prone to be both loved …Read More