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Fresh off the success of the first three Deeper Connections videos, Matt Williams and five additional NT scholars have provided us with three more in depth Bible study tools complimenting the first three.  The format is the same as the […]

The word unbelievable conjures up many images.  It could mean unbelievably good, or unelievably bad, or simply not credible. In the case of Mark Whitacre a real life corporate executive who had impressive Ivy League credentials, bio-chemistry skills, and multiple […]

Here is a link to a sermon I preached in Auckland New Zealand last August.  See what you think. The church you see above is a mission we visited in Wellington.This church is literally located in the parking lot […]

Its Number One on Amazon, and has gone to the top of several best seller lists, and the reviews are pouring in for Dan Brown’s latest blockbuster novel, sure to be made into a movie.  But even Mr. Brown’s fans, […]

I was fortunate enough to have time to go to a UNC football game in Chapel Hill last Saturday with our daughter Christy who lives in Raleigh now and is working on her masters degree.  After some good ole Bullocks […]

Bob Timberlake is a collector of many things.  Here he is sitting in an antique three corner chair, which is constructed as it is in order that a gentleman could sit down without skewering himself with his sword!    The story […]

Just released this month is the first volume of my two volume study of the theology and ethics of the NT.  Here as a sample is some of the Prologue to this volume that deals with important presuppositional and prolegomena […]

As some of you will know by now, ABC has decided to do a series over the coming weeks on the ten commandments or as they are called in Exodus ‘the ten words’  (of God).  Here is the link about […]

Sometimes serendipity happens.  I have just returned from a preaching mission in Lexington North Carolina (not to be confused with the one in Kentucky). Lexington North Carolina is a city of 17,000 and it has about one barbecue restaurant per […]