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My mother sent me the following, which ultimately comes from a Nashville newspaper, and the hospital where various of my friends have had surgery, so I believe this story is reliable. I would suggest you read Psalm 139.13-14 and then …Read More

A man was being tailgated by a stressed out woman on a busy street. Suddenly, just in front of him, the light turned yellow. He did the right thing, stopping at the crosswalk, even though he could have beaten the …Read More

Identify the following apostles of the animal world with one of the 12. I’ve left a few hints below. BW3 Clearly this one should be called Rocky (aka Peter/Cephas) Aha, the Boanerges, James and John This must be Judas Iscariot

In order to truly appreciate the following video (and kudos to Craig Beard for finding it), you need to put on the old Bee Gees song ‘Grease’, as done by Franki Valli… and sing along, “Grease is the word, that …Read More

Christian worship is of course a human activity, and thus involves the same sort of flaws other human activities involve. What is amazing to me is that so little thought is actually put into what a theology of worship should …Read More

In a world of mindless entertainment, sometimes one wonders if there is still a place for a brainy romantic spy yarn, and apparently, thank goodness, the answer is still yes. Such a movie is Julie Robert’s return as a leading …Read More

Ah those college years….. here are two pictures from a UNC college retreat trip to the beach in N.C. Kudos to you if you can pick BW3 out in these pictures. Also in these pictures— Tom Morris a future teacher …Read More Here is a discussion worthy of your attention. Kudos to James Foster for the link. There are in fact many links on this page. Some to the discussion held at Westminster in London between the three figures mentioned, some …Read More

Kirk Whalum is one of my very favorite Christian jazz artists, not to mention he does a lot of jazz Gospel and so I have some samples here, and you will see he brings the heavy hitters with him— see …Read More

Michael McDonald is one of my favorite soulful singers of all time, and he has done a lot of work backing up others and helping them make hit records. James Ingram, from Ohio was a Gospel singer who had some …Read More