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You will not know any of the actors, nor indeed the setting in Mumbai (Bombay) unless you’ve been paying attention to the news of late or have been to India. You will not find appealing the setting, or many of …Read More

A NEW YEAR’S PRAYER FOR OUR NATION— 2009 Lord God, maker of all that is good, and true and beautiful, all that is right, and righteous, and holy, all that is giving and forgiving and merciful, we entreat you on …Read More

‘Ars longa, vita brevis’, is the Latin saying– Art is long, life short, but it is not always true. In ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ (PG-13), the ‘ars’ is rather ‘longa’, 167 minutes to be exact, which in some …Read More

The first volume of my two volume theology and ethics of the NT, will be out in 2009 with the second volume out in 2010 with Inter Varsity Press Here is the splendid cover design. Joyeux Noel, BW3

The following is another poem from my book ‘The Living Legacy’BW3 Jaded, Jaundiced Left out in the cold, Cynical, clinical Tired of getting old Looking for something, More glittering than gold… The rebirth of wonder. Seeking, searching Coming from afar …Read More

A PUZZLE FOR YOU. MATCH THE DESCRIPTION WITH THE APPROPRIATE PICTURE—ENJOY BW3 Christmas at Rockefeller Center in New York Before the ball drops in Times Square, the Big Apple turns on its holiday charm with the Christmas tree in Rockefeller …Read More

In the latest you’ve got to be kidding, in funerary trends, funeral directors are now telling us that people currently under 40 are increasingly requesting to be buried with their cellphones, or in some cases with their Ipods or Xbox …Read More

First a little background info, courtesy of Amazon. Here is what they say about the author and the fairy tale book, which is the basis of the movie ‘The Tale of Despereaux’: “Kate DiCamillo, author of the Newbery Honor book …Read More