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(My father passed away yesterday on Nov. 29th after 92 years of life. Thank you for your prayers, especially for my mother who was married to him for nearly 60 years) BW III Dear Dad: There are so many things […]

Now that we know that Barack Obama will indeed be our next President, it is useful to go back and watch once more what President elect Obama said to Rick Warren at the Civil Forum last summer at Saddleback Church. […]

Here is a very interesting and indeed revealing brief interview with John Piper about why Calvinists not infrequently come across in such a negative and arrogant way. I find his explanation in some ways convincing. What he does not add, […]

BW3 and Payne Stewart at Pinehurst No. 2. I am very pleased to announce that the Blogsperts that be have announced that this blog has been named one of the top five blogs having to do with the Bible and […]–wright And here is another URL link for a fuller discussion by Wright about what he was discussing on the Colbert Report————— In light of recent discussion about the faith of Stephen Colbert I offer this interview with my […]

One of the original super groups was Buffalo Springfield— Stephen Stills, Neil Young, and Richie Furay amongst others. Check this out.

A statue of Seneca assuming the task of a rhetorician. ———– The following is the text (but not the notes) of my Society of Biblical Literature lecture to be given next Sunday in Boston. STRIVING FOR EPIDEICTIC EXCELLENCE: THE RHETORIC […]

STONE: THE COLD HARD FACTS* A stone Stands alone Unmoved Unmoveable In stele silence. Solid but cold Hard but old Yet not aging Rocks of ages The stuff of idols Edifices Statues Monoliths Cornerstones Keystones Tombstones Petraglyphs From you The […]

The Reviews of my most personal and intimate work are pouring in and here are some of the first ones. For those interested in exploring the work more here is the link– ————— “I have known Ben Witherington as […]