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I must confess, I am not the world’s biggest Angelina Jolie fan. Yes she can act, but until this movie, I had not really found a film that showed her scope and full abilities. John Malkovich on the other hand […]

Perhaps you will remember a little box called the James ossuary I’ve been talking about for a while now. It’s been embroiled in a trial now for years. I was thinking of printing up bumper stickers reading FREE THE JAMES […]

If you visit a Borders or Barnes and Nobles bookstore these days, you are more likely than not to find a new section called Spirituality. This is a catchall category for all sorts of things, most of which are not […]

Pedagogy is by definition the art of teaching, and of course its master principles. I call it an art rather than a science because there are a plethora of factors that make it a moving target: 1) the cultural context […]

You may remember Rene Descartes, the person most often credited with providing us with the philosophy that was to undergird, and indeed help to create the modern mind with its focus on the individual self, leading to rampant individualism. You […]

James Howell is known for his thoughtful theological commentary on sensitive moral issues, and abortion is no different. While I do not agree with every last syllable in what follows, there are some very helpful insights here, especially in regard […]

Pat’s newest CD is with a bunch of Polish musicians who have serious chops. Check out these two live concert samples and see what you think. If you want the lyrics they are translated on the CD liner notes. Oh […]

Whilst Pilate asked Jesus “What is truth?” it is only appropriate that in a post-modern age, a post-modern satirist like Stephen Colbert would ask “what is truthiness” and is it enough for us in this day and age– is a […]

Ah the joys of being young, exuberant and inexperienced. You’ll try anything– like Dancing with the Stars, or say, running for the highest political office. BW3