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N.B. This is an excerpt from the draft of the second volume of my forthcoming study of NT theology and ethics called The Indelible Image (Inter-Varsity Press) RELATING THE OT AND NT THOUGHT WORLDS While it would be possible to …Read More

Jesus Wants to Save Christians, by Rob Bell and Don Golden, (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2008), $19.99 (224 pages) Due out in October. I thoroughly enjoy the creative material that comes out of Rob Bell’s grace-filled and artistic brain. Even when …Read More

Charles Wesley is one of the most interesting of all the early Methodists, not least because of the kind of relationship he had with his older brother John. Some long time ago, Richard Heitzenrater and other fine Methodist scholars decoded …Read More

One of the best kept secrets in all of Chicago is the Smith Museum of Stained Glass on Navy Pier, which we visited a week ago. Its free, its spectacular, and here is just a sample. You will notice that …Read More

One of my all time favorite movies with a Christian theme is the 1981 film entitled ‘Chariots of Fire’ a story about two runners, one a Jewish Englishman named Harold Abrams, one a Scottish Evangelical named Eric Liddle who both …Read More

One category we haven’t much talked about are the balladeers or troubadours. Some of these artists would be categorized as folk, some as country, some as bluegrass, some as folk rock, but they are certainly all on the penumbra of …Read More

Over the weekend we went and visited our Russian daughter who is starting her PhD in Chicago. One of our main and favorite stop was at the Art Institute on Michigan Ave. What you see in these pictures includes figures …Read More

In the wake of the huge response to the previous rock n’ roll posts, I offer the list of the ten best concerts I have seen and would love to have captured on my reel to reel recorder. Of course …Read More