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I must first confess that the Chronicles of Narnia were stories I read to my children at bedtime. I am predisposed to like or try to like these movies. The novellete Prince Caspian was not the strongest in the series […]

He still looks good at 65 and he can still crack the whip like an old schoolmaster but has this series been jolted back to life or fallen over three waterfalls into a watery grave? Inquiring minds want to know […]

There is ever so much to blog about from the world tour thus far and I w?ll be do?ng some posts on Sidney and Jakarta and Prince Caspian and Indiana Jones both of wh?ch I saw ?n the last two […]

Jesus told us that the Kingdom belongs to children, and here’s one who may be able to find it on the map. Kudos to Marc Axelrod for this link—- watch this, (BW3)—

The following was sent to me by my dear old Mom. The claim is this came from actual Sunday school classes, but I’m suspicious since it involves the mythical little Johnny.———– DID NOAH FISH? A Sunday school teacher asked, “Johnny, […]

Sometime ago I wrote a poem which began– ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the men of iron, have turned to rust.’—- I must confess that Iron Man was not my favorite of the many Marvel Comics of my youth. […]