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When I was growing up I used to love to read both Marvel Comics and Mad Magazine. They were a source of no little enjoyment and fun. I remember a particular edition of Mad Magazine where they parodied the Odyssey …Read More

Tom McCall, a TEDS graduate has recently given an interesting talk about the resurgence of Calvinism amongst the young, including young scholars.What is especially interesting about it, is he gives it from an Arminian or Methodist perspective, and it is …Read More

Please find here a link to a lecture I have given at Asbury on how to choose a proper Bible translation for you. You will find similar guidance in a chapter in my book The Living Word of God. This …Read More

One of the more interesting sayings of Jesus with equally interesting theological implications is found in Mt. 18.18–” I tell you whatever you (i.e. Peter and the gang) bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose …Read More

I have to confess something. Tyler Hansbrough may be the pride of Poplar Bluff Mo. but he is quickly becoming my all-time favorite Tar Heel. And today he announced he is coming back for his senior season. Christmas just came …Read More

My friend and fellow blogger Mark Roberts has just posted the following, which I am copying to you. Check it out. BW3——————- Excellent Discussion on the Problem of Suffering By Mark D. Roberts | Thursday, April 24, 2008 is …Read More

This is frankly the UTube Christian video of the year thus far for me. Props to all those rappin’ Nazarenes out there in the heartland. Get on up with your Good Self, Kanye and Eminem ain’t got nothin’ on you. …Read More

“I found the quote from one Ben Witherington to be quite amusing. In the first place, I have never met this gentleman nor have I read anything that he has written. My assumption is that his work is not read …Read More

It has been said that too many Americans have been innoculated with a slight case of Christianity that is preventing them from getting the real thing. Perhaps this has something to do with how much of God people really want. …Read More

Some of you are politely relentless (if that isn’t an oxymoron). One of the things various of you folks in the blogosphere have been bugging me about is explaining the whole business about rhetoric, and using rhetoric to analyze the …Read More