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This academic year, 2007-08 has involved my giving a variety of lectures and doing a variety of lectureships in a variety of places, to say the least. In the fall I did the Strauss lectures at Lincoln Christian College and …Read More

In his compelling lecture on how a scholar should go about establishing the authenticity of an ancient inscription, whether on an ossuary or in some other form, Barkay provides us with 10 points that need to followed to get to …Read More

DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN…? All the girls had ugly gym uniforms? It took five minutes for the TV warm up? Nearly everyone’s Mom was at home when the kids got home from school? Nobody owned a purebred dog? When a …Read More

There are certainly not many G rated movies any more. When I was growing up, back at the dawn of time when the earth was still cooling, there were plenty of them, and the movie makers never wanted to get …Read More

An article just appeared in National Review about the actual outcome of the Princeton Conference in January which among other things discussed the controversial Jesus tomb theory about the Talpiot tomb. Here is the link: In terms of fair …Read More

The image here is a bit dark, but then it is Nikolai Ge’s Painting ‘The Harbingers of Resurrection’ The picture is of Mary Magdalene coming from the empty tomb, face uplifted to the rising sun, having seen the risen Jesus. …Read More

“I’ll believe Jesus rose from the dead,” said the angry Communist, ” when the atheist leader of the Soviet Union becomes a Christian.” These remarks, of course were typical during the years of the Soviet Empire and the Iron Curtain. …Read More

In his new book “The Third Jesus: The Christ we Can’t Ignore’ Deepak Chopra sets up a discussion of Jesus first as a historical figure, then as Christianity’s Son of God, a creation of dogma, and finally of the mystical …Read More

During a difficult season in my Christian life, Henri Nouwen provided me with manna from heaven, water in a weary and dry place and guidance on spiritual formation that I still live out of. I would say he is certainly …Read More

In the Gospels, when the Evangelists get to Passion Week the narrative slows down, even to the point of giving us an hour by hour, blow by blow account for some parts of the story. We have arrived at prime …Read More