This morning in chapel we had an excellent sermon by Rev. Fleming Rutledge on John 9. It talked about various ways of seeing and being seen, and most especially being seen by God. It also talked about various forms of blindness. My friend Meltem from Turkey recently sent me a link to a most amazing story about a man not only born blind, but born without eyeballs, who is a remarkable painter of three dimensional landscapes which he has never seen in his entire life. The scientists are of course baffled by all of this as the man never has ‘seen’ things by means of his eyes, but only through his mind’s eye, his mental imagination of how it must look. Of course he has heightened senses of tactile feeling, and perhaps his other senses as well, but Ezraf from Ankara in Turkey is a reminder of how ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ we are made and frankly how little we actually understand about all of our composition. Ezraf to me is a reminder of how, despite all normal expectations, God can use our disabilities even for his glory, as John 9 says. Check out his story here—

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