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Movies about psychopathic killers ‘with rules and principles’ are not the usual fare of Oscar nominations, at least not for best picture, but ‘No Country for Old Men’ is an exception to most rules for sure. This movie has been …Read More

Not surprisingly the Jerusalem Post, (which btw made several mistakes in reporting the recent conference in Jerusalem sponsored by Princeton), has now published a further series of articles saying that Ultra Orthodox Jews (the heredi council) are unlikely to agree …Read More

My Florida cousins sent me these pictures. Believe it or not, there is a woman who makes marzipan babies– yes babies made out of frosting! And here are the pictures to prove it. This woman has some serious talent. Having …Read More

You know you spend too much time in airplanes and airports when: 1) The TSA people at your home airport know you by name 2) The ticket counter people from all the airlines know you by name 3) The stewardesses …Read More

Behold the clubhouse at Carnoustie in Dundee, Scotland. The day was 1 /16/ o8, and the weather was bonny. The next picture is of me with my doctoral student at St. Andrews Aaron Kuecker. This word just in– he beat …Read More

Gadflies enjoying buzzing around dead meat. In fact they are positively attracted to it, precisely because it produces ‘buzz’. The news this past week provided us with a perfect illustration of this principle. There was a conference in Jerusalem sponsored …Read More

The following was sent to me by one of my students, who in turn got it from a UMC Church source– This just shows that it is not true at all that the United Methodist Church is uninterested in apocalyptic …Read More

Its time for us to have one of our lengthy theological discussions of the year, and since this is the time of year where Christians and others tend to ask–‘What is the will of God for my life this year?’, …Read More

We are now entering the time of year I call the ‘dead zone’ because it usually lacks movies of Oscar caliber. This may be my last review for a while. Nothing much tends to show up of that sort between …Read More

Stephen Colbert, that faux conservative commentator who has his own Comedy show ‘The Colbert Report’ has now published a book ‘I Am an American (and So Can You!)’. Yes, you read that right. My son the pundit gave me this …Read More