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Robert Zemeckis is a fine director of films, but even he must have thought he had bitten off more than he could chew by attempting to do a 3-D film which is mostly CG and part real actors blended together, […]

There are gravestones in New England which have as their epitaphs– ‘he didn’t live long enough to see the Red Sox win the World Series’. Until 2004, there were few who could even vaguely recall the last World Series championship– […]

This will be mostly a photo essay of my time in Hong Kong. I went to give lectures on my Revelation commentary at the end of August on the occasion of its translation into Mandarin, and expected a few hundred […]

The week before Thanksgiving every year, the Society of Biblical Literature holds its annual meeting. This year the meeting was in beautiful San Diego (normal daily temps raise from 53 to 68 or so F.) One of the special features […]

I was recently reading through the proofs of a new book on New Testament Theology, and it was stated that the most basic theme or thesis of NT theology is –‘God magnifying himself through Jesus Christ by means of the […]

I am off to the National SBL meeting (Society of Biblical Literature), and whilst I am away I thought I would leave this for you to bat around. I shall return to the blogosphere next week. A lot of heat, […]

That winsome melancholy Always became you, Or you became it Three shades of blue ‘Don’t interrupt the sorrow’ You once admonished But when joy peaked through clouds You were astonished. Why must we major In such minor keys, As if […]

O.K., I didn’t see this one coming. I knew about the Womenpriests movement, a small number of Catholic women who have either ordained themselves or gotten themselves ordained (about 100 of them now worldwide, 37 in the U.S.), and I […]

My sister Laura gets full credit for sending me these things to ponder….. If none of them produces a smile, then you need to go eat a few prunes. —————— I used to eat a lot of natural foods until […]