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Reflecting on texts like Hebrews 10.1 “the Law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming– not the image/portrait (eikon)/ realities themselves” John Chrysostom (which means golden mouth), the greatest preacher and teacher of the Greek-speaking Fathers …Read More

It is not unusual to hear super star athletes give their testimony of how they have given their lives over to Jesus. But few of them have come immediately after pleading guilty to federal crimes. Today at his post plea …Read More

I was in London some time ago at a one man performance of the Gospel of Mark. Alec McGowan’s presentation was wonderful, done entirely from memory, and with only the aid a few props. The dramatic presentation was done in …Read More

Remember Hermes? He’s the little guy you see from time to time on the logo at the florist shop, wearing a WWI trench helmet and always on the run. Actually, in Greek tradition he was the messenger of God, delivering …Read More

Lots of my students, unfortunately, use the Internet as a substitute for good careful research. It’s seductive and easy and quick. It forestalls long hours in the library. It often leads to shoddy research and worse papers. I can tell …Read More

In the truth is stranger than fiction category is the story that my friend Bill Barnwell sent me about a Southern Baptist pastor in California. Here is the link to the story that made headlines out there:,1,787901.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california This pastor …Read More

There was an interesting story on ABC news tonight about the fallout from the lead paint recall of Mattel toys made in China. The story stressed that the Chinese workers now laid off were making about 18 cents an hour …Read More

My grandfather was a fireman, indeed he was the fire chief in Wilmington N.C. Here is a wonderful oxymoronic ice sculpture of a fire man. What makes this one especially poignant is that this is an image from 9-11 from …Read More

You gotta love your Mom. The older she gets the more wisdom she thinks she has to impart. These ‘zen’ truths (?) she sent along to me to ponder today. My only question is– what would Jesus say Mom? 1. …Read More

For some time now Don Cheadle has been one of my favorites actors. I especially appreciated his work in Hotel Rwanda, but of course the Oceans movies have been fun as well. But in ‘Talk to Me’ Don Cheadle has …Read More