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How exactly did the Roman army, in about 200 years conquer the then known Mediterranean world? Was it because they were better fighters than everyone else? Well, it seems clear that they were not usually as fierce as the Gauls, …Read More

Arsemea was a once proud city in the kingdom of Comagene, now in Eastern Turkey. Set way up on a hill, and just on the backside of Mt. Nimrud, it overlooked a rich fertile river valley. Here Mithridates I, the …Read More

The beehive houses of Haran are an interesting study in ancient domiciles. In some ways living in them is like living in a cave– moderate temperature in the summer, warm in the winter without any sort of heating or cooling …Read More

Kahlil Gibran was one of the great Middle Eastern poets of modern times. He was born in Lebanon in 1883, but he spent most of his life, and did most of his writing here in the U.S.A. By far his …Read More

In the world of safe entertainment by means of sequels of popular films, some brands do better than others. Let’s admit from the outset that the first Fantastic Four movie while certainly fun, was not— well… fantastic. And the same …Read More

We’re talking a lot these days about alternate fuels– ethanol for instance. But there is another natural resource that has long been used for fuel in the ANE, including at Haran where this picture was taken. Those little spherical objects …Read More

I am pleased to commend to you some fine new DVDs done by some first rate scholars, which are useful catalysts for getting deeper into the Biblical text and applying it in practical ways to the Christian life. If you …Read More

Climbing up Mt. Nimrud did not prove to be as difficult as I had expected because we were able to drive to within about 1500 feet below the top of the mountain. I have a variety of pictures and thoughts …Read More

Finally a sequel that beats its predecessors and is not overloaded or over-bearing or overly long. Ocean’s 13, clocking in at 1 hour and 53 minutes and with a PG 13 rating proves that often less is more. We have …Read More

Ephesos (also known as Ephesus for the Latin form of the name), was without question one of the crucial cities in Paul’s world. It is no accident that Paul, with his urban ministry strategy spent over two years in this …Read More