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Pastors can wield enormous influence in the life of someone seeking spiritual answers. Such was the case of Pastor Wright a U.C.C. minister in Chicago and Barack Obama– a relationship that has been built over the last twenty years, and …Read More

Believe it or not, the word hero never comes up in the NT. But the word saint occurs over 60 times. And here’s the really interesting thing– it always in the plural! Saints are not formed in a vacuum or …Read More

CHAPTER FORTY FIVE: STONE AT HOME Patrick Stone arose Friday, packed his bags, paid his tab, and revved his engine for a trip back to Monaco. This time, the Chateau gates opened for its new owner. He arrived in time …Read More

I was talking with one of my former seminary students who now works at a Wesley Foundation at a major university in the South. She and her charges had been busy sending support to the Va. Tech students in the …Read More

G rated films are scarce as hen’s teeth these days, but “Miss Potter” is such a film and very good one at that. Rene Zellwegger plays Beatrix Potter, the early 20th century authoress of the wonderful little animal tales about …Read More

(Picture courtesy of the Washington Post) Meet Jay McKinley. Jay has a cross tatooed on his forehead. The cross says Start Loving, and in fact this is what Jay calls himself these days. I was walking down Massachusetts Ave. (one …Read More

In what has been quickly hailed as the most significant Supreme Court Decision on abortion since Row vs. Wade, second trimester partial birth abortion was declared illegal in a 5 to 4 decision by the Supreme Court today. Reaction to …Read More

CHAPTER FORTY ONE: JUSTIFICATION Patrick Stone had been frankly over-whelmed by the beauty and elegance of Puissant Chateau. The staff seemed cordial, even relieved, at the prospect of having a ‘normal’ owner as opposed to a heavy metal rocker complete …Read More

I once had an odd experience while staying in Atlanta some years ago. I had run into a man in the hotel where I was staying who said he wanted to go to church with me in the morning. Said …Read More

CHAPTER THIRTY SEVEN: LOVE FEAST Grace had left her mother fuming in the kitchen because the matzo ball soup had too much water in it. Camelia’s memory of the recipe called for six cups of water, but it was obvious …Read More