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On 60 Minutes last night Senator John and Elizabeth Edwards bravely faced the Inquisition at the hands of Katie Couric. She was pleasant enough while busily probing the private parts of their lives, like an overly friendly proctologist. Elizabeth as […]

CHAPTER 14: STONE ON A ROLL Patrick Stone had indeed taken care of everything. He felt positively giddy. In a matter of hours, he’d be 30,000 feet above the havoc he’d wreaked. He practically danced his way between his closet, […]

CHAPTER 11—DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS The shrill staccato of the phone startled Sara Goldberg as she wiped down the last of the tables in her café. Her stomach dropped with the same weight of the wet rag she let fall to […]

Well you can say all you want about church being boring, but I have the ocular proof it’s not so– all kinds of things can happen at church. You Tube has a new video to prove it entitled Church Compilation […]

One of the things that is most troubling to me as I travel around the world is what has been called the tribalizing of Christians. By this I mean that there are so many Christians in so many countries who […]

Perhaps you have never heard of the really hush hush private Council for National Policy. It has a bland enough name. Actually what this club is, is a strategy group of a few hundred members including James Dobson, Jerry Falwell, […]

There is now a critique of the Discovery Channel documentary by Amos Kloner himself as interviewed by Dr. Darrell Bock. It is in so many ways very revealing and makes perfectly clear that the tenth and blank ossuary was not […]

CHAPTER 8: MOTHERLOAD MISSING Some three hours after Sammy began preparations for the trip to Bethany, the team finally pulled out of IAA headquarters. To avoid any implications of impropriety, Art, against every impulse, knew he had to wait and […]

Well what can we say? United Methodists will admit almost anyone into membership, so desperate are we in an age of declining church attendance. And in Wales Township in Michigan at Lamb UMC there was a brief eulogy recently for […]

Just when you thought that movies were becoming far too formulaic and trite and sequeled, along comes a movie like “Black Snake Moan” which blows through your mind like a breath of fresh air. Let me be clear that this […]