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Having now scrutinized the book The Jesus Family Tomb book which accompanies the show there are further things that need to be stressed that are wrong with this whole theory and its varied speculations. I will list them seriatim as […]

Alvin Plantinga is without question one of the great scholars in the world in any discipline. I remember well reading his careful work on Anselm when I took a graduate course in Philosophy at Carolina. It was the gold standard […]

(This picture of the Talpiot tomb courtesy of the Discovery Channel via the Toronto Star article). Remember the tale of the Titanic? How it was supposed to be impregnable, and nothing could poke holes in it? How it would never […]

“Art is long, life short” says the ancient Latin aphorism. And one of the things about art is that it makes one reconsider what something can do or be. Here below you will find some remarkable sculptures— made out of […]

One of the things one could wish about this Nooma series is that we knew more about the background music. But we may be thankful at least that we have subtitles to these films for those who are hearing impaired, […]

Oh those aquamarine and white Nooma boxes. They contain interesting things. You can see in the second five films in this series how they’ve hit their stride, anmd in some cases we can see an increasing degree of complexity to […]

Nooma is the Anglicized version of the Greek word pneuma, which means spirit, breath, or wind. This word is presumably chosen for the series of short videos Rob Bell is producing signaling the fresh winds that are blowing through the […]

In what can only be called a stunning rebuke of the American Episcopal Church, it was given eight months to ban the blessing of same sex unions or face a reduced and censured role in the world’s third largest Christian […]

We demand the evidence, A clear and certain sign, We show no bit of reticence Ask God to please divine. Here a little miracle, Or there a stellar light To shine upon our darkness And give us all insight. But […]

Alistair McGrath is a remarkable person. He has PhDs in Theology and also in Molecular Bio-Physics. He is currently a Professor of public science at Oxford. In this lecture he is critiquing his fellow Oxfordian Richard Dawkins Here is the […]