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It was 1974 and I was graduating from Carolina and Mike Ford was graduating from Wake Forrest. We had talked about being roomates at Gordon-Conwell where we had both enrolled to go to seminary. He sent me a note in …Read More

I remember the feeling very well. That deep anxiety or fear in the pit of my stomach. It happened when I went before the scholarship committee at Chapel Hill to win a full ride to Carolina. I thought I did …Read More

It is hard to believe it has been thirty years that we have been being regaled with the saga of Rocky Balboa. Loosely based on figure and character of the real life boxer Rocky Marcioni, we have now had six …Read More

Craig Hill is a fine NT scholar at Wesley Theological Seminary in D.C. and a fine preacher as well. We have been good friends for many years through the John Wesley Fellowship program. This is the sermon he preached in …Read More

There are of course a plethora of movies out at Christmas, and the one must see movie for Christians is surely “the Nativity”, but if there is time and interest in more what shall one do? Well for sure don’t …Read More

Athanase Seromba is a Roman Catholic priest who for years served in Rwanda. This past week he was sentenced by an international war criminal court to fifteen years in prison. His crime? He ordered the bulldozing of his own church …Read More

Docu-dramas don’t usually become frontline movies, and true to form “The Queen” is only available in limited release in most places in America. It is a great pity for this is a wonderfully crafted tale centered around the crisis the …Read More

Looking fir and wide, since I know you are all ‘pining’ for more tree-mendous stories about the felling of Christmas traditions I have come up with a bonus. My Canadian friend and fellow teacher and minister Ross Bailey sent me …Read More

Shattering the smatteringOf calm I had created,Grace, a gratuityDisrupted my day. Interrupting the ennuiI kept on feelingAn alien intruder Stepped in my way. Pacifying the pesteringVoice which kept naggingI sought out a sanctuaryAny port in a storm. Reluctantly resignedTo divine …Read More

Just past the Homeland Insecurity Checkpoint there used to be a Christmas tree in Sea-Tac airport. Indeed there used to be several, fourteen to be exact. And since we have a rather conservative government at this juncture you might not …Read More