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There are movies that are disturbing and then there are movies that are moving, and then there are movies that are both disturbing and moving and result in something of a paradigm shift. If you have seen “Six Degrees of …Read More

Without question Paul Doherty is one of the best British historical novelists in recent memory. On top of that, he is polymath, by which I mean he is capable of writing convincingly about various historical periods and subjects. His Hugh …Read More

Right across from the host hotel in a large open area in downtown Wasington D.C. was the Circque d’Soleil. The more I thought about, the more appropriate I thought it was that it was there this weekend. The annual Society …Read More

It is a delicate question— Who can Commune with God? And today Catholic Bishops have been voting on this matter. The issue is this– who is worthy to partake of the Eucharist? Should just anyone be allowed to do so? …Read More

There is a very interesting article in the NY Times this morning analyzing what Christian did in the voting in the midterm elections this week. Here is the link— Among the salient points in the article, the following stand out: …Read More

It was Shakespeare who said “There is a tide in the affairs of men, which if taken at the flood” leads on to great things. Of course the opposite is true as well. Sometimes the tide goes out on an …Read More

The full story was posted on MSNBC 16 minutes ago. And it is a shocker. Ted Haggard has resigned in disgrace. The Church’s Board of Overseers report is as follows: “We, the Overseer Board of New Life Church, have concluded …Read More

In a scenario reminiscent of the Jim Bakker scandal decades ago, Ted Haggard, pastor of a 14,000 member Evangelical Church in Colorado Springs and one of the heads of the National Association of Evangelicals who has led the charge in …Read More

In an email yesterday a NT colleague and friend Peter Richardson told me the sad news. The makers of the wonderful verbatim version of the Gospel of John which had a terrific cast, after intending to also film the Gospel …Read More