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Yet another case of a teen molested by a priest. Only this time it was a Republican in high public office who was molested as boy. The priest of course has been banned from ministerial duties but this hardly addresses …Read More

The answer to the question ‘What do aging NT profs do with their spare time?’ turns out to be– write fiction. Richard Bauckham is a long time good friend of mine from the U.K. and he has writtten a children’s …Read More

Ever since I was small I have been fascinated by magic. No, not black magic and that sort of legerdermain. I mean magic tricks— the Harry Houdini kind of stuff. There are in fact three parts to any good magic …Read More

The story is the same throughout the Middle East. Christians are caught between a rock and a hard place. In Israel they are caught between Moslems and Jews. In other countries they are caught between various Moslem groups, such as …Read More

The New York Times this week has run a series of interesting articles by Diana B. Hendriques about the ever decreasing size of the wall between church and state in a variety of matters. This particular blog will try to …Read More

Marian Fisher was only thirteen. She had a lot to live for, and probably many years yet to live. Yesterday she was buried in a cold steady rain in a little farm graveyard near Georgetown Pennsylvania. When Marian went to …Read More

Ron Luce is worried. And if Ron Luce is worried, we should be too. Ron runs an organization called Teen Mania which puts on camps, concerts and various and sundry other sorts of events for youth. He claims that in …Read More

Post-Modernism is an odd movement of our time. As it affects theological reflection it has both its good and bad aspects. The good news is it takes less atomistic approaches to the Bible. For example, it is concerned with canonical …Read More