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John Chrysostom, in reflecting on Paul’s approach to ministry says this: “For Paul’s work found its source in power, mighty power, power that surpassed mere human diligence. For Paul brought three qualifications to the preaching of the word: a fervent …Read More

‘Little Miss Sunshine’ is not your ordinary everyday movie. To be sure it is a road flick about a family’s journey to the Little Miss Sunshine pageant in California. And what a family it is as well! You have Alan …Read More

There is an interesting article in the NY Times this morning on women clergy in both largely white and largely black denominations. One of the more interesting parts of the survey is that it points out that 51% of all …Read More

Without question, after the Latin Vulgate, no vernacular translation of the Bible has had more impact on Christian life and culture in general than the King James Version. What is seldom noted with the King James Version is busy being …Read More

The story can and should be read here— Watch the videos attached as well. This story is disturbing on many levels and it reflects clearly enough the growing fundamentalism in the Southern Baptist Church in general. Here we have …Read More

It is a matter of no little contention whenever the subject of the principles on which our nation was founded comes up. Equally contentious is the issue of what faith or faiths our founding fathers (and mothers) actually embraced. Into …Read More

Scholars are a funny lot. I ought to know— I’m one of them. Some are eccentric, some are eclectic, some are extraordinary. But when you participate in the rarified air of Biblical scholarship, a particular sort of historical scholarship, it …Read More

Today the news came across the wires that a major terrorist threat had been foiled by Scotland Yard, a threat to blow up one or more flights from the U.K. to the U.S. The alert status for the first time …Read More

Shimmering, glimmeringEnticing to a faultAlways in the distanceBeckoning to be caught. The illusion, projectionOf what we hope and dreamAlways better imaginedNot being what it seems. Leading the thirsty oneDown a dusty trackThrough a blistering desertNever turning back. Oasis, respiteMirror or …Read More

I’ve got a genuine replica brain,It’s a collectible rendition,I grant it’s not the latest model,But it’s in good condition. It still processes data pretty wellThough there are some memory lapsesIt knows the difference between good and evil,And even between knaves …Read More