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We seem to like our myths about the battle between good and evil relatively clear cut, but we also like our heroes vulnerable, sometimes even indulging in various sorts of guilty pleasures, while supposedly being ‘at heart good persons’. ‘Superman …Read More

The Conquest of Faith and the Climax of History– Heb. 12. 1-4, 18-29Delivered at St. Salvator’s Church St. Andrews Scotland July 21 2006 for the Hebrews Conference In 1993 I managed to run the Boston Marathon— yes all 26 miles …Read More

The third oldest university in the United Kingdom is St. Andrews University, with 5,000 undergrads today and numerous grad students. The town itself is a little seaside village on the west coast of Scotland, and let me tell you— the …Read More

The life of the mind is fragile. I have been constantly reminded of this from my time in academia. I have seen one academic after another fall prey to chronic fatique, and I learned only the other day from a …Read More

From 1977-80 my wife and I lived in Durham and our daughter Christy was born here. It is nice to be back in beautiful Durham (google Durham Cathedral and oggle the pictures). I have had a glorious day with members …Read More

Seeing red, a red seafogs up the brainActing irrationallyBordering on insane. The red mist permeatesThe facets of the mindActing on impulseWits left behind. Shots fired in angerImpulses expressedLeaves us walking woundedDepressed and distressed. Be angry, but sin notThus says the …Read More

I am providing here a link to a New York Times article about Rob Bell’s summer tour, which does not rely on multi-media pyrotechnics yet is appealing to many young folks around the land. Read the article and give me …Read More

It is usually the case that the second part of a trilogy is less satisfactory or satisfying than either the first, which sucks you in, or the final one which resolves the loose ends and tidies up the plot. Clearly …Read More

The following are comments by men and women over 50 on their creeping decrepitude. As my English Prof at Carolina once said— ‘there are days after 40 when you realize your body is your mortal enemy.’ The nice thing about …Read More

I pass these along as they are from a Canadian friend who gave them to me. These are the things some men wish women knew, but usually are too cowardly to tell them. Please note that these are numbered and …Read More