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We are coming to an end today of our week in Israel, and as usual it has been a wonderful, pognant, and painful experience. The plight of the Palestinian Christians is more evident every day. As most of you may […]

“So hey what have you been up to lately.” “We’ll believe it or not I am into reading.” “Really? Reading what?” “Well, I am growing my spirituality.” “So, what are you reading?” “Well I am reading the Bible. And let […]

I will be off to Israel on Monday and off the blog for a while, as I serve as tour guide through Israel and Turkey, and then I am on to England and Scotland for three weeks, from which venue […]

“Cars” (the movie, not the old rock group with Ric Ocasek) has barnstormed up the movie charts and according to many pundits its a great movie, some even say, an instant classic. There is no doubting that 20 years into […]

Thou shalt not have any other Providers before me. Thou shalt not make for thyself a sacrilegious image using Photoshop or Powerpoint. Thou shalt not bow down and worship thy technology for I am a jealous God punishing the third […]

In the category of closing the barn door after the cow has escaped, we now have the banning of the Da Vinci Code movie after it has had a 22 day run there and has exceeded all expectations in ticket […]

With an all star cast (Kevin Kline, Meryl Strep, Lilly Tomlin, Woody Harrelson, Virginia Masden Lindsey Lohan, John C. Reily, Tommy Lee Jones etc.), and the ole boy himself, Garrison Keillor, and a reenactment of an episode of the Prairie […]

I have to admit that I have problems with mega-churches, and many of their pastors. And it is also the case that I have been critical of Rick Warren’s mega-selling “The Purpose Driven Life” as being too individualistic and other-worldly […]

I took the longest commercial flight in the world these past two days— Singapore to Newark N.J. non-stop. Its supposed to take a mere 18 and a half hours. Ours went a bit longer. Singapore Airlines is justly famous for […]

I have just finished the better part of the week lecturing in Singapore, a city/state of 4 million people living on an island of 250 square miles, just north of the equator (think hot and humid). It was of course […]