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İ have been pondering something for a while on this trip as İ have visited one archaeological site after another. Here we find facts, hard realities in the ground which of course can be subject to various interpretations. Nevertheless we …Read More

So here I am ın Turkey mındıng my own business near the Syrian border and checking out Antioch and there ıt ıs– the Davincı Code billboard advertising the movie.Its omnipresent apparently. Off to Singapore next to speak to the World …Read More

Ron Howard’s two hour and 29 minute adaptation of Dan Brown’s mega-selling thriller “The Da Vinci Code” has now hit the big screen to mostly negative reviews (see Having read some thirty criticisms of the movie I was prepared …Read More

Maybe Ronnie Howard has done us all a favor. The early pre-screening reviews of the critics are out— and they are all negative. All of them. In fact, on the tomato meter it gets a 0%. I am sure …Read More

Hershel Shanks and BAR are now reporting that we have further, and perhaps definitive confirmation of the authenticity of the inscription on the James ossuary from one of Europe’s leading micro-biologists. The article on the report which you will find …Read More

This is just to let all of you know that I have been granted an early viewing of the Da Vinci Code movie, and by Thursday night late I intend to post a full movie review and viewer’s guide, if …Read More

My Colleague Lawson Stone (prof. of OT at Asbury) shared the following with me. While some of this I would certainly disagree with, there is much worth pondering BW3 ————- Am I really the last person to discover Rod Dreher’s …Read More

Dan Brown has finally surfaced in front of a live audience. Granted it was an audience in Portsmouth New Hampshire near where he lives, and granted it was for the New Hampshire branch of NPR which I had to have …Read More

Omar Alrikabi is one of my students who has had a difficult journey living in the U.S. and has experienced a good deal of racism within and outside the Church since he is of Iraqii Shiite descent and is also …Read More

Today, May 7th was a proud day for the Witherington clan. Our only son David graduated from the University of Kentucky today with a degree in English Literature (like his Dad) and a concentration in Japanese (totally unlike his Dad). …Read More