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As the offering is about to be taken at the Compaq center, Joel Osteen’s wife and co-pastor Victoria urges generosity as a way of prompting God’s favor. “He not only wants to enrich you but do things for you you …Read More

Partial and piecemeal, here and thereVowels omitted, consonants squareNo jots or tittles, not one iotaAs if there was, a letter quota. Line upon line, word for wordNopunctuationseparationabsurdScriptum continuum without an endSpace is so precious, conventions must bend Fair hand copy, …Read More

Its been a while since there has been a really thought provoking and interesting drama or thriller that does not rely on gimics, special effects, or large impressive sets or scenic vistas, but we have one now in Spike Lee’s …Read More

I am pleased to be able to provide here with permission a section of Kevin Gile’s recent study of a recent theological trend that attempts to link relationships in the Godhead to relationships between men and women. What is especially …Read More

Fred Craddock’s recent book ‘Craddock Stories’ edited by Mike Graves and Richard F. Ward (St. Louis: Chalice Press, 2001) is a gold mine of Craddock’s stories used in both preaching and teaching. Here is one sample: “When I was in …Read More

Bart Ehrman is both an interesting person and an engaging lecturer. He speaks well, he writes well, he obviously has a gift for what he does. I like Bart though I find his spiritual pilgimage troubling, and as an alumnus …Read More

This movie is not for sissies. It is a powerful and gripping drama telling the tale of Truman Capote’s relationship with a murderer on death row in Levenworth Kansas, a story which became enshrined in the prize winner novelesque work …Read More

In freedom there’s a bondageWhich leads to endless choice.In bondage there’s a freedomExcusing loss of voice. What frees a person shows usWhat bound them long before.What binds a person demonstratesThe thing she loves the more. Commitment and concessionContrast in this …Read More

I was on a plane full of Presbyterians from Michigan flying from Memphis to Gulfport yesterday. It was yet another work detail coming to help with the cleanup in Biloxi, Gulfport, Waveland and other places. The ride down I-90 is …Read More