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Coming off my sabbatical, I am now back to being buried teaching Johannine Literature, Exegesis of Romans and NT Theology and doing the usual seminary stuff. Some of you have asked as to what is coming next on the publishing […]

1 Tim. 2.8-15 “I wish then men to pray in all places, lifting up holy hands without anger and argument, and likewise women in tasteful dress with modesty and sobriety adorning themselves not with plaited hair with gold or pearls […]

Here below are some sample more literal translations of key verses in Romans. What makes them more literal is that issues like whether a phrase involves an objective or subjective genitive (such as the phrase ‘the faith/faihtfulness of Christ’) is […]

Jerry Shepherd is a ‘dogman’ at the Antarctica outpost of the National Science Federation. The year is 1993 and winter is coming on as it is late January, and of course the seasons are the reverse of what they are […]

Mama’s Bible Four brothers left home for college, and they became successful doctors and lawyers and prospered. Some years later, they chatted after having dinner together. They discussed the gifts they were able to give their elderly mother who lived […]

There are rumblings in Congress these days about the Patriot Act and whether it perhaps has gone too far and needs to be scaled back. In this current milieu in which fear-based decision making seems to continue to dominate the […]

It may not be on the medieval list of the seven deadly sins, but we should have realized that since Jesus and the NT has plenty to say about and against ‘the love of money’, gambling was likely to surface […]

C.H. Dodd was one of the truly great NT scholars in the U.K. before, during and after WWII. His commentary on the Johannine Epistles is a classic, and continues to offer fresh insight into the text and its relevance for […]

Most Christians who have done any Bible verse memorization will know that for whatever reason the ‘3.16’s seem to be special, John. 3.16 being the most famous. But for the patristic Fathers the ‘3.16’ that seems to have been most […]

Occasionally something comes across my desk which is so far out, that I figure it belongs in apocalyptic literature— or on blogs. So all I can say is, the link is below that is labeled swallowing.wmv. Copy it into your […]