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The statistics alone are staggering and depressing, but they tell only a small portion of the story. The recent Lilly funded study shows that men are 4 times more frequently visiting ‘adult’ web sites than women. This of course comports …Read More

Quite a few of you have asked me to post something about the show. First I should say that one of you has already found the transcript of the show out there somewhere, so apparently it is available, and the …Read More

Doubtless most of us have been there. You are stuck in an airport waiting for a flight, and at least four or five private conversations are going on around you. Now its one thing when the other person is there …Read More

I From the very beginningThe burden was clearSometimes bearableSometimes severe Ate from the appleShared it with himDisobeyed the orderIndulged the whim. What was the outcome?The fruit of the act?Did she ‘know’ good and evil?Did she experience it in fact? Did …Read More

A niche, A hideaway A retreat A sanctuary For prayer Communion Contact Reunion Like the horns on the altar Like the hem of his robe Like the songs in the psalter Like his hand on the globe Like a vault …Read More

George Clooney’s new movie (which is also a new movie starring Christopher Plummer, Matt Damon, William Hurt,and many others)is a political thriller and a brain teaser of major proportions. Clooney stars as a life time CIA operative who is a …Read More

It is unfortunate that the Bible sometimes gets used to shore up an inappropriate decision by a church, but sadly we now have this in the case of the mega-church which has now handed out a ‘Biblical’ rationale for closing …Read More

While not exactly a Christmas movie (more of a summer thriller type), Peter Jackson’s epic remake of the classic Faye Ray movie King Kong is an amazing piece of work. Running three hours (and it feels like it too– you …Read More

The much anticipated and much advertised Chronicles of Narnia (Part One) of C.S. Lewis have finally hit the movie theaters, and judging by the initial weekend this movie will be a box office success. Christians of course have been apprehensive …Read More

Now that the fur has flown and the dust has settled a bit, we do need to ask what we have learned from this flap about the church closing on Christmas. A few things are important in terms of ground …Read More