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Without question, of all the lectures I give, the one the prompts the most questions, sometimes even an avalanche of questions is my lecture on what Jesus and Paul actually say about singleness, marriage, and divorce. Obviously this is a …Read More

Just a brief announcement to let you know that once again I will be leading a tour to two of the Lands of the Bible on behalf of Asbury Seminary. We will be spending a week in Israel and a …Read More

What follows here is a quotation of a part of a sermon that John Chrysostom, perhaps the greatest preacher of the early church gave on a portion of Hebrews and Mt. 5.2. “‘Give to him who begs from you and …Read More

Bill Murray’s latest offering, Broken Flowers, which won highest honors at the Cannes Film Festival, is now circulating in the theaters in a limited release. Like his release from a couple of years back, ‘Lost in Translation’, this is a …Read More

It is always a surprise, and sometimes very painful to have one’s bubble burst. This is all the more so when it has to do with something or someone a persons loves deeply and is deeply commited to. Take for …Read More

Well it was bound to happen. We now have the ultimate answer to the trivia question— What do the fundamentalist Christian TV preacher and the head of Al Quaeda in Iraq have in common? Answer— they both think that Hurricane …Read More

CRACKS IN THE WALL Cracks in the wall,There by design, Prayers on plain paperOne of them mine Rabbis are chanting,Torah held high, Sunlight is fading,In the blue sky. Guards are watching,Passing the time, Nodding acquaintanceWith the sublime. Herod’s temple,All that …Read More