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What shall we say as Christians about the recent devastation in New Orleans, Biloxi, Gulport, Mobile, Hattisburg and various other cities? Shall we just chalk it up to ‘mother nature’ gone haywire? Shall we say, with the insurance companies it …Read More

One of the more notable and growing phenomena in our age of religious broadcasting is connected to the growing popularity of the ‘Ipod’ and similar devices. It is now possible to download sermons, lectures, musicales from church onto your Ipod …Read More

I have received the following link from some of my more playful Catholic and Protestant friends. I can only say— “Prost”.

It is indeed hard to believe but in the midst of all the sleaze and tease movies that are part of the regular junk food called summer movies there is a National Geographic documentary which is drawing large audiences this …Read More

One of the most prevalent topics in the Pastorals Epistles is money and its accumulation. Paul is especially concerned with how Christian leaders handle money and sees it as a litmus test of their character. Let us begin with 1 …Read More

A while back my friend Dr. Ken Carter, pastor of Providence UMC in Charlotte sent me these staggering statistics. Here they are for your pondering. Fact # 1: In 1916, Protestants were giving 2.9% of their incomes to their churches. …Read More

Whether we like it or not, most of the valuable lessons we learn in life come from learning from our mistakes, including from the times we lose something we have highly valued. If we are forever protected from falling, we …Read More

One of the great imponderables for a Biblical scholar is trying to figure out just how Hellenized Jews were during the NT era. Put another way, just how indebted were they to the legacy of Alexander, which caused even Jews …Read More

As I am working through 1 John, a variety of pertinent issues continue to come up, and certainly several come up from careful scrutiny in 1 Jn. 4.1-6. Our author is talking about testing the spirits, which is another way …Read More