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I am in the process of working on a commentary on the Pastorals and the Johannine Epistles both in one volume. While dealing with the latter I was looking at 1 Jn. 3.19-20 today — “This is how we know …Read More

We all stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us, especially when we are dealing with the life of the mind. And of course there have been many great schools of Christian thought and of Christian scholarship, …Read More

How many times have we heard the phrase “I cannot deny my experience”? This is all the more the cry when it comes to religious experience. But in fact the issue is not the reality or the clarity of the …Read More

Having spent parts of the last two summers in Turkey, one of the dismaying things is seeing the Biblical sites which desperately need to be excavated but are untouched. One such site which has never been dug is Colossae. The …Read More

What can one expect from light summer movie faire— only fast food of mind? Well, yes and no. Growing up, the Fantastic Four was my ‘other’ favorite comic book (my favorite being Spiderman of course). Therefore, I went into this …Read More

It was an odd experience all around. I had just come from a large worship service in Moscow, and my host Sasha Tsoutserov was telling me about this prosperity Gospel preacher in Moscow claiming that Jesus and the disciples were …Read More

The 4th of July is an appropriate time for fireworks, and there are certainly plenty of those to be found in the new War of the Worlds movie. This movie is not for the faint of heart nor for small …Read More

Esse Quam Videre— To Be, rather than to Seem Take me to the just side of justiceAnd the right side of righteousness,Not the vindictive side of vindication,for otherwise— I do not wish to go. Lead me to the passionate side …Read More