There are a lot of sugars out there!  This series has brought lots of questions, comments, and not a little discussion and disagreement.  Several people asked me to do a summing up of what I found.  Let me stress that the judgements here are mine.  I found lots of contradictory info on every single product.  I weighed all the factors: the validity of the Web sites, the clinical studies, and scientific data available as well as the anecdotal evidence.  Still — I could be wrong. I encourage you to look at the factors and decide for yourself.

Here, in my opinion, are the worst of the worst.  I personally would not use any of these!

5.  Agave nectar — 15 to 30 calories per teaspoon.  High in fructose which is metabolized in the liver and goes straight to fat production.  Glycemic index: 30

4.  Table sugar — 16 calories per teaspoon.  Inexpensive at about $.50 a pound. No health benefits. Causes tooth decay and is a major factor in obesity.  Glycemic index: 65

3.  Sucralose (Splenda) Zero calories. Artificial and linked with chlorine — a pesticide.  Glycemic index: 80.

2. Aspartame — Zero calories. Inexpensive and widely available.  It is artificial and toxic and has an aftertaste. Glycemic index: 0
1.(Worst of the worst)  High fructose corn syrup — 16 calories per teaspoon, is inexpensive and is in most processed foods.  No health benefits and numerous studies show that it is a major factor in the obesity epidemic. It also causes high triglyceride levels and liver damage. Glycemic index: 87

Eating to live and living for Christ,

Susan Jordan Brown







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