Be More

Be More

My energy is at full speed early in the morning. So it would be silly of me to write my book, articles, or anything that requires the best of me later in the day. The best use of my time is to go with my natural rhythm.

Why do people try to push against their natural bent?

Maybe it’s because we’ve been pushing and pushing for so long we forgot we had a choice. We fight against an invisible force that we believe is holding us back from doing what our natural ‘bent’ is because deep inside somewhere we’ve believed that we don’t have a choice.

It’s like the invisible police who never come. The loud mouthed critic who never shows up. We fight wars that don’t exist and we press ourselves to just… survive.

Use your time wisely. You DO have a a choice and NO ONE has the power to hold you back.

2014 could be the year your dream comes true, be sure each decision made is in alignment with that goal.


sandi krakowski