Stop Competing by Sandi Krakowski

Stop competing with everyone. When we do this we lessen the value God created in us. Ask God to show you how amazing He sees you.

Competing is combative. It takes a lot of energy.

When we spend our days competing with others, comparing and constantly trying to measure up, we become smaller.

The value that God has placed inside of each of us is a gift to the world, this generation. If we keep competing with everything and everyone, do you think we’ll EVER hit our potential?

Is it possible that the world lacks because we’ve spent so much time competing? Ask God to show you how amazing He sees you.

He didn’t make junk. I don’t care how many mistakes you’ve made, what has happened to you in your past. I have a story that goes on and on through so many layers of darkness, it really doesn’t add up, so don’t try to compete with me. ☺

When you get a vision of your future and you begin to realize, it doesn’t all depend on you? The competing will stop.

Don’t even buy into this dysfunctional saying of ‘compete with only yourself’. I realize, as a business trainer, competitive athlete and more this is actually good advice. Only try to be a better version of your self. Yes.

But some of you have been competing with yourself for so long you always make sure you lose. Stop that.

It’s time. Time to step into your greatness. The value that God placed inside of you when you were knit in your mother’s womb is a gift that this generation needs.

Doesn’t matter who your Momma is. Doesn’t matter what her background is either.

The value God put inside of you is for the world to enjoy. Do all you can to release it. Be relentless in your pursuit. And in your journey, always remember, the direct proportion of your battle = your calling.


With love,

Sandi Krakowski


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