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No one who knows me more than a few hours misses that I am nuts about tea. It not only tastes good: it’s good for you. And not just those polyphenols.

Something there is that loves a break in the day. A short moment of respite from computers, or customers and clients. A. quiet moment with ritual light to remind us: there is more than work…more than hectic…more than the demands of time & others. There is tea.

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There is hot water, and the time to boil it. Or microwave it, although it’s not as much fun as hearing the music of the kettle coming to boil. And there’s the sensory pleasure of fragrance, and the choice of cup or mug and spoon. All this has saved many a day for me.

Yesterday my beloved niece (one of several, but this one my favourite, as I’m with her right now!) had a s ip of my tea while we sat in the beautiful center courtyard of the Harvard Art Museums. And she said I like this! I could drink this — it’s great! Now, she already drinks tea. But not fancy ones — she’s more a coffee drinker, really. So that was nice, to share tea & make a connection.

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Then this afternoon my absolutely perfect DIL emailed me to say she’s not feeling the coffee thingie, either. She’s been drinking green tea (yes!), and wanted to branch out. Sooo…I had the delight of pumping her w/ questions for more specifics: green or black? flavoured or plain? how much at a time? And by the time an extremely pleasant hour had passed, an order of varied white/black/green teas (and of course a pretty cup!) is on its way to her!

It doesn’t feel like so much a ‘thing’ I’m sending her, as time & love. I’m sending her succor, that lovely old word that means time & support in times of hardship or stress. Because that’s what tea is to me: memories of all the women I’ve sat with over the years, drinking tea & sharing lives like the teabiscuits in front of us. It’s the time to breathe during a busy day, or a break on a plane (I carry tea sachets, of course!). It’s a hug, kind of: warm and comforting.

My advice to you for your beginner’s heart today? Make a nice cuppa. Sit down for a few moments — maybe just 5 minutes. And listen to your everyday life. Your troubles will spiral into the air just like the steam from your cup. Honest.

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