Beginner's Heart

One of my favourite musical groups is Playing for Change, a social action movement w/ music as its platform. When I’m blue — not infrequently these days, as I cull tangible memories (‘stuff’ to the uninitiated) — I listen to their ’round’the’world hit Stand by Me, in which musicians from Santa Monica from Amsterdam from South Africa, the Congo, & the Zuni Tribe, all come together to remind us: we gonna need somebody, to stand by us.

Today was a day like that for me. Today was not a good day — beset by doubts, second-guessing all decisions — even the very minor. I was as raw as the oozing chigger bites of childhood, and about as scratchy. And then, folks stood by me: a note from my younger son, reassurance from my beloved. A fat cat on my desk, and music. Not to mention a brilliant sunny sky and a piece of chocolate!

It’s hard to remember that change is forever — it will never NOT happen. Which means that these stormy itchy grey days will pass. Still, it’s nice to have someone standing by to remind you.

So here’s my reminder to you, if your day (or week, or — heavens forfend — your MONTH!) is blueing to grey: don’t worry; be happy. It’s another of Playing for Change’s songs, and so appropriate today. Listen, and smile ~

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